Super Speedy Sneak Peek Update – FNM, Creator’s Editorial and Discord

Hey guys, a quick one today from me, as I didn’t get what I needed in time! This is a small update to explain why there were no posts today or on Wednesday.


FNM – Friday Night Magic – is the name of the new series hosted by me. I’ll be joined by fwdr3, UncleFlacco and Aquavulfy to play EDH, Oathbreaker, Brawl and other crazy formats – including crazy challenges; custom cards; forfeits. I’m not going to reveal too much but MTGSpark FNM is going to be up next Friday at 9pm!

Creator’s Editorial

Creators Editorial is a way of displaying others’ work. Every Wednesday, I will hand pick and post an article – and so you’ll have a fresh voice. Again look forward to more details in the coming few days.


Our Discord server is now public! It’s still going through some hitches but come and join us for constant updates!

That is all, I didn’t expect to be writing this so late, so I’m really sorry about how short this is BUT these things will be explained more in the coming days.

Thanks for reading,
– Sushiske

Just love Magic tbh!
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