The Jank Tank: Valakut Dredge?

Hey guys! Sushi here, and today we have a Jank Tank deck! Just wanted to say right away, sorry for not doing an article yesterday, had some personal issues, but I have a fun article in the works that’ll be posted tomorrow or tonight to make up for it! Anyway, today we are looking at Valakut Dredge – a deck submitted to me by fwdr3! This deck is based around using and to deal a ton of damage to your opponent – and it’s fun when it works! The original deck was submitted with no sideboard, however I will be…

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Modern NeoBrand Combo

Hey guys! It’s Sushiske, here to bring you a dose of Modern Magic! Today I wanted to take a look at the new ‘One-turn-kill’ deck in Modern, the NeoBrand combo deck. Recently this deck has been taking Magic Online by storm, with a conflux of variations of the deck emerging with the new London Mulligan rule. But, as the implementation of the London Mulligan is still up in the air, will this deck survive without it? Will the next Banned and Restricted announcement deal with this deck? Today, I’ll be looking at aspects of the deck that make it so…

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